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Airbus Group is committed to conducting its business with excellence in all respects and with absolute integrity. We are dedicated to dealing in a fair, impartial and ethical manner.

Compliance is everyone's responsibility and Airbus Group expects that we act courageously in a spirit of transparency and open communication. Our high standards can be maintained only with the dedication and vigilance of each and every one of you, at all levels of the company. In order to support our commitment to the promotion of a speak-up culture, we have teamed with Deloitte to provide the company's employees with an avenue for raising concerns in a confidential way.

Airbus Group is determined to maintain a working environment free from fear of reprisals and that encourages employees to take ownership of maintaining our business reputation and high ethical standards. Retaliation against an employee who honestly raises a concern or alleges an impropriety will not be tolerated.

For further information on the OpenLine please refer to the Airbus Group OpenLine Policy or consult the Ethics and Compliance site on the Airbus Group intranet.